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The role of the Technology Committee is to systematize solutions for remote and off-grid areas to bring electricity, digital classroom education, interconnectivity and related technologies based on demonstrated demands from communities and supported entrepreneurs adopting ISV’s three-pillar business model. Solutions rely as much as possible on Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components to make modular, easily scalable field-tested solutions. Our designs are intended to be IEEE Open Source to On-The-Ground (OTG) business partners, who are free to modify them as needed. Portable Battery kits were sent to REI-c and SNL for field testing of the prototype units. Two SunBlazer prototypes under the control of the Tech Committee are being considered for deployment. One is being considered to support an ISVx Student Branch being formed at Villanova University in Pennsylvania, USA, and another unit is being considered for deployment to a Native American community in need of electricity.

Paul Savage