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Recruitment Coordinator – Location: Remote
This position will contact potential recruits who have indicated interest in volunteering to help IEEE Smart Village committees. Usually, this will be an email follow-up to an online contact through the volunteer web page although occasionally it will be a call where clarification is needed. This volunteer will need to be familiar with ISV committees and on-going activity and needs. The volunteer will report activity to the Engagement Committee chairperson.

Time: 1 Hr/Week for 1 year – Apply Here

Welcome Communications Creator – Location: Remote
This position will prepare an education packet that will be given to each new volunteer on a Smart Village team. This is a one-time project that will use much of the collateral already created for ISV marketing package for the intended audience. The volunteer will report progress to the Engagement Committee chairperson. Skills include creative writing, graphics layout, and English proficiency.

Time: 40 Hours – Apply Here

Personnel Screener – Location: Remote
This position will have access to an on-line database where potential applicants have indicated they are interested in ISV Committee assignments. This volunteer will notify the Recruitment coordinator with appropriate details of the contact. This volunteer will interface with the Engagement Committee Chairperson.

Time: 1 Hr/Week for 1 year – Apply Here

Maa Trust Project Manager – Location: Maasai Mara, Kenya
This position is a hands-on learning/working opportunity in a very remote area of Kenya. The applicant will be expected to project manage a solar micro-grid system from concept to implementation. Special skills would be required to assess power demands, select suppliers, interface with local labor, and oversee the project. This intern would report to the Maa Trust Director.

Time: 3 to 6 months on site – Apply Here

United for Hope Education Specialist – Location: Uttar Pradesh, India
This volunteer will work closely with Subject Matter Experts in India to create handouts and educational material for a feminine hygiene education program. The subject matter would need to be customized for age and locale appropriate areas of interest. This position would report progress to the United for Hope Director. Skills include good communications skills, creative writing, basic knowledge of biology, and cultural literacy.

Time: 50 Hours – Apply Here

Training Researcher – Location: Remote
This volunteer would receive requests from our Program Partners for some type of vocational skill training that is needed in a remote village. This researcher would scan available web sites for the needed training and represent IEEE Smart Village to negotiate group rates, if applicable. Skills include web search, technical proficiency.

Time: Undefined – Apply Here

Papua New Guinea Teacher Trainer – Location: Papua, New Guinea
This position would be on-site in a very rural, lightly populated area of Papua New Guinea. The assignment would be to assess local skill levels of the teachers in remote villages and to train them on the use of a new solar powered portable classroom. The individual for this assignment must be highly motivated to transfer the knowledge of this new equipment to teachers who have little to no exposure to electronics. After going through the manufacture’s training in the United States, the individual would develop a 3 to 6 month plan for implementation in PNG. Skills include: Solar Power Knowledge, Computer Literacy, Digital Classroom Techniques, Class Planning. Due to the rugged, outdoor environment that would have to be traversed, hiking and camping are desired.

Time: 3 to 6 months on site – Apply Here

Nigeria Researcher – Location: Nigeria
This position is a 3 to 6 month assignment in Nigeria to evaluate expansion opportunities for a successful program partner. The work would entail traveling to remote villages in Nigeria to determine power needs, vocational opportunities, and educational opportunities. Skills include conversational English, with Hausa and Yoruba competency a plus. The person would report to the CEO of Green Village Electricity.

Time: 3 to 6 months on site – Apply Here

Financial Analysts – Location: Remote
This position works closely with the chair of ISV’s Finance committee to evaluate the expenditures of a specific project to the projected budget in the project plan. Skills include knowledge of financial systems, some technical understanding of solar power projects, and good communications skills. Reports will be reviewed by the ISV Steering Committee.

Time: 2 Hrs/Week for 1 year – Apply Here

Fund Raising – Location: Remote
This volunteer works under the direction of the Chair of the Development Committee. Duties include researching potential individual donors, determining an appropriate appeal for that donor, and implementing the solicitation plan. The skills needed for this position include high inter-personal relationship building, broad knowledge of ISV programs and goals, financial acumen, and great communications capability. The solicitation cycle is fairly long for typical donors, so a long term commitment of 3 years is requested of potential applicants.

Time: 2 Hrs/Week for 3 years – Apply Here

Solar Technology Specialist – Location: Remote
This position is ideal for a person with an electrical engineering background or similar knowledge to evaluate specific project requirements and to verify that the proposed design is suitable for the needs identified. The person would cross-check the components selected for the project to verify that they are inter-operable. The position is under the direction of the Chair of the ISV Technology committee. The typical project would need to be evaluated in a short period of time over a quarterly window.

Time: 12 Hours/ 3 Months for 1 year – Apply Here

News Reporter – Location: Remote
This volunteer is responsible for reading the quarterly project reports from each of the program partners to ascertain potential news stories that would appeal to a large audience. Target publications include national and international news wires, IEEE newsletters and magazines, IEEE Foundation reports, and IEEE Society newsletters. Duties include follow-up interviews and research with remote program partners and individuals. This position reports to the Chair of the ISV Marketing committee.

Time: 4 Hrs/Month for 1 year – Apply Here

Web Master – Location: Remote
This volunteer would be responsible for updating the ISV web site with articles, photographs, and videos created by the program partners. Skills include a working knowledge of WordPress plug-ins, experience in managing a multi-faceted web site, and creative graphics design. This position is under the leadership of the ISV Marketing Chair.

Time: 4 Hrs/Month for 1 year – Apply Here

Social Media Specialist – Location: Remote
This position would be responsible for all social media outlets associated with ISV including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, and similar outlets. Responsibilities include staying abreast of all program partner social media posts and evaluating appropriate re-post on ISV sites. This volunteer would cross link posts between the ISV web site and any publicity generated by other media. This person would create posts on a regular basis to publicize and draw attention to ISV needs. Skills include experience with social media sites, proficiency in English, creative writing and graphics layout. This position reports to the Chair of ISV Marketing committee.

Time: Hrs/Week for 1 year – Apply Here

Solar Education Coordinator – Location: Remote
Volunteer would be responsible for researching available on-line resources dealing with all phases of solar power design, commissioning, and operation. Expectations include gaining permission from the authors to use the information for projects associated with ISV. This person would be under the direction of the ISV Education Chairperson. Skills needed include web browsing, negotiation, and communication.

Time: 120 hours – Apply Here

Grant Researcher – Location: Remote
Person would be responsible for researching world-wide philanthropic organizations and quantifying the synergistic interests between those organizations and ISV. Skills include web browsing, familiarity with ISV programs and objectives, and communications. The position is under the direction of the Chair of the ISV Development committee.

Time: 2 Hrs/week for 1 year – Apply Here

Videographer – Location: Remote
This position is responsible for documenting video stories demonstrating ISV impact in the communities we serve. This includes digesting the quarterly program partner reports for story ideas, creating a comprehensive video storyboard, working with the program partners to capture raw footage, and editing the final content for publication on the ISV web site, IEEE Foundation use, or the ISV YouTube channel. Skills include creative video experience, video editing, communication, and project management. This position reports to the Chair of the ISV Marketing committee.

Time: 4 hours/Month for 2 years – Apply Here

Operations Support Specialist – Location: Remote
A volunteer is needed to help program partners fulfill their requirements for quarterly reporting. This includes interfacing with the program partners through e-mail, phone calls , or video conferencing. Familiarity with ISV governance procedures and report requirements is expected. Skills include good interpersonal relationships, communications, and detail oriented. Position is under the leadership of the Chair of the Operations Committee.

Time: 4 Hrs/Month for 1 year – Apply Here

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