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Posted On: 07.31.2012

Hello, everyone!

The CSI Power Africa conference had a tremendous impact as evidenced by the testimonial from an attendee, Ifeanyi Orajaka from the Green Village Electricity Project in Nigeria.  Please enjoy reading it below.

Warm Greetings all,

I wish to use this medium to express appreciation to all those that made the CSI workshop at Power Africa a grand success. Indeed it was a very remarkable experience for me. I was exceptionally delighted to meet/ exchange ideas and experiences with some members of the Forum.

To Ray/ Albe I cannot thank you enough for the great leadership portrayed throughout the program and for giving us all a more detailed insight on previous successes and future goals of the forum.

Daniel, I’m so grateful for the enriching insight on what sustainable community development should be and for the ideas/ suggestions you offered.

Henry, it was really great to learn from your field experiences, wealth of knowledge and leadership stint. Also, it was great learning from you of the membership opportunities that abound with PES which I will relay to folks here in Nigeria (during the PES Meeting).

Peter, you were exceptional in volunteering to tape all the discussions and I glad I got to know you and share experiences with you on certain issues that previously clouded my thinking.

Martin, it was really a nostalgic and re-assuring  experience getting to meet you. Indeed you enlightened/ motivated me more o community development most especially as it related the ever expected Pan-African revolution. We sure do have a lot of collaborations to do in the nearest future and beyond.

Mike, you are a wonderful jolly good fellow. Your insight on the micro-grid model helped me scale through some technical issues I have been pondering on how to resolve. Also your passion is overwhelming.

To the Lacourciere duo, wow!!! it was a mind blowing experience getting to meet and share ideas with you both. Indeed, the success experiences, business model development, community entry strategy and in-fact the whole time with you both were excellent. We sure do have a lot of collaboration to do to get the sunblazer model flying in Nigeria.

Mou, it was a reassuring experience meeting you. You made me realize that am not the only young chap trying to make a difference in his community. Big kudos on your progress so far and grand success in your present and future endeavors. I look forward to visiting South Sudan for the ground breaking commissioning of your project which no doubt will make a remarkable impact on the lives of many (and already has).

Ron, I can’t be grateful enough for your numerous clarifying insights and experiences on community development. We sure do have a lot of collaborations to do towards the successful implementation of the project in our various countries.

Patrick Lee, your clarifying presentation on the organizational future of CSI was excellent. It was real great getting to meet you. Like I pointed out earlier, i sure will come knocking pretty soon on the most viable technical solution to the Micro-grids we’ll be deploying pretty soon in Nigeria.

Pat Ryan, your leadership was excellent. Starting from the PES Africa meeting, through the short sessions you engaged in during the CSI workshop, to your contributions towards the overall success of the conference was remarkable.

Noel, it was a memorable experience getting to meet and dine with the president an experience i won’t forget in a hurry. In all it was real great meeting you and understanding the future focus of PES. It was exceptionally great knowing the milestones thus far on smart-grids and PES membership structure and benefits.

To Robin and all the other members who could not attend, I join voices the other to thank you for creating this opportunity. No doubt, it was a great success as we got to understand our various projects/ programmes, progresses and future expectations. I look forward to meeting you at some point.

In all it was a very remarkable experience for me. In fact one of the best I’ve had in recent past. Borrowing Dan’s words, it was a watershed of ideas and experience sharing. The future is very bright and we sure will meet our goal of supplying reliable and affordable energy solution to over 1 million remote dwellers much sooner than expected.

Many thanks,

Truly yours,

Ifeanyi B. Orajaka


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