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Posted On: 11.02.2015

On Oct. 8, IEEE Smart Village hosted a workshop at theĀ IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC) in Seattle.

GHTC is a global humanitarian technology conference focused on bringing together people to address the critical issues for the benefit of the resource-constrained and vulnerable populations in the world. It is an opportunity for IEEE to work with NGOs to identify the most pressing needs.

The workshop focused on bringing together IEEE Smart Village collaboration members to discuss global sustainable initiative progress and to identify paths forward to expand operations globally as a Signature Program of the IEEE Foundation.

Here are the presentation materials available for download (click to download):

IEEE Smart Village – Workshop AGENDA for October 8 2015 – Ray LarsenĀ (Word document)

IEEE Smart Village – India New Initiatives in Utar Pradesh & Gujarat – Ray Larsen (PDF document)

IEEE Smart Village – Update of TBF-IEEE SV Partnership – Cameroon – Martin Niboh (PDF document)

IEEE Smart Village – KiloWatts for Humanity/Lichi Community Solutions – Likonge Makai Mulenga (PowerPoint file)

IEEE Smart Village – Human Rights Panel Session – Podmore – Wessner – Fodio (PowerPoint file)

IEEE Smart Village – GVEP Presentation Nigeria – Ifeanya Orajaka – Chuka Eze (PowerPoint file)

IEEE Smart Village – Global Himalayan Expedition – Ladakh India – Paras Loomba (PDF document)

IEEE Smart Village – Fundraising Committee Overview – Michael Deering (PDF document)

IEEE Smart Village – Energy Eduation Empowerment – GTTC Session – Larsen Podmore Wessner (PDF document)

IEEE Smart Village – Deployment Configurations – Robin Podmore (PowerPoint file)

IEEE Smart Village – Community Empowerment & Technology – Ray Larsen (PDF document)



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