Shaybis Nigeria Ltd. Donates SunBlazer to COVID Isolation Center

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Posted On: 04.14.2020

Chief Tunde Salihu announced donation to COVID-19 emergency relief efforts

PISCATAWAY, NJ – Shaybis Nigeria, Ltd. (SNL) demonstrated their concern for the people of Kwara State, Nigeria by donating the solar power system for the first wing of an emergency isolation cen-ter being constructed in the capital city of IIorin. Chief Tunde Salihu, CEO, announced today that they would be donating the modular solar power system to energize the first wing of a planned four wing center. Mr. Kayode Alabi, Deputy Governor of Kwara, was very interested in the rapid response capabilities that SNL could deliver with the modular design of their system. The state is now looking at SNL’s capacity to expand to other projects in the area.

The SunBlazer IV technology has been pioneered by IEEE Smart Village to have both AC and DC out-put, to be easily assembled, and to have a scalable design that could be expanded as needed. SNL is one of the international manufacturers of the SunBlazers and has started ramping production in 2019. “We plan to install this first system for the isolation center in a couple of days,” Tunde said.

The isolation center is being constructed due to the rapid increase in COVID-19 patients in Nigeria. These beds will be used to treat their medical needs and provide the care for those infected. The isolation center will allow for the medical staff to elevate their sanitization of the facility to help avoid infecting others. The solar power system will enable the medical team to operate with pow-er for ventilators, monitoring, and sanitization of the equipment.

Shaybis Nigeria Ltd. has been providing solar power microgrids throughout Nigeria for the past three years. Chief Tunde Salihu is a Fellow of Nigeria Institute of Power Engineers and a leading solar power engineer in the country, with over 33 years experience in the field of electrical engi-neering and has been an advocate for sustainable, community development.


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