Posted On: 08.09.2019

– By Michael Deering

More than 984 million people have little or no access to electricity, especially in remote areas of the globe. Without sufficient access to power, these communities continue a cycle of economic impoverishment.

IEEE Smart Village is looking for champions to lead targeted fund-raising teams using a new crowd-sourcing platform. The campaign, called “Bring the Light” allows small groups to establish reasonable fund raising goals and then contribute on-line with one-time or monthly recurring micro-payments.

As a Team Captain you help close the energy-gap to Empower the world’s most vulnerable energy-poor citizens and establish a growing and vibrant socioeconomic community. Team Captains are the backbone of this campaign. By getting involved at the community level, you help establish Sustainable Electrification for homes and for micro-businesses to incubate and flourish. You create a new reality for villages where grid electricity is unlikely to ever reach. Your efforts will help Grow the global network of “Smart Villages” with safe, renewable, reliable energy. That energy will enable educational opportunities through internet connectivity, illuminate homes, schools and community centers. For some locations, it will power modern medical equipment for healthcare clinics. A key outcome will be the enablement of electrical tools and equipment for village businesses and water pumping for agriculture. It is truly a life changing event to have power for the first time!

As a Team Captain, you will lead the creation of your team page and recruitment of your team of Ambassadors. Through your team efforts, remote villages around the world will gain a foothold toward more prosperous lives. Leveraging reliable access to electricity, educational opportunity, and economic development, customized to the needs of the local community, begins to scale.
Register as a Team Captain or as an Ambassador via https://give.ieeefoundation.org/bringthelight .


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