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Are you a match for our global mission?

IEEE Smart Village is looking for qualified volunteers who not only have a deep passion for humanitarian work but also the expertise, wisdom and time to commit in support of our program. As we are in an expansion phase of this IEEE-wide initiative, we are primarily seeking candidates for leadership positions of our important committees. We are looking to engage people with developing-world field experience to form and head working groups tasked to pursue the wide variety of IEEE Smart Village goals.

We realize that very few people have the resources to extensively volunteer to a program such as ours. Therefore, it is through the diverse efforts of committee members, each contributing their time and resources as they are able; this is a combined effort and addresses programmatic needs.

Here is a link to descriptions to the committees forming now across the IEEE Smart Village landscape: https://smartvillage.ieee.org/ieee-smart-village-operating-committees/.

As you consider volunteering to IEEE Smart Village, please share with us the following:

  • What skill sets and resources do you have that will be of benefit to the program?
  • How much time can you volunteer to the program each week, month and year?
  • Are you prepared for a long-term commitment as a volunteer?

If you would like to learn more about the program, introduce yourself and generally “get the hang of things” with our program, we encourage you to build relationships with our volunteer team members. There are several ways you can “get involved.” Here are some suggestions:

We’ve found it very useful for those who are interested in volunteering for IEEE Smart Village first take a walk with us and learn more about what we are presently doing, where our needs are, and how your interest, talents and time can best be applied.

For more information on our program, watch this informational webinar–presented by IEEE Smart Village Ambassador Nirupama Prakash Kumar:

IEEE Smart Village Ambassador, Partner, and Volunteer General Interest Form

Thank you for your interest in working with IEEE Smart Village as an ambassador, partner organization, or volunteer.

IEEE Smart Village seeks to change lives of energy deprived populations. We have a mission to empower off-grid communities and a vision to scale up energy entrepreneurship and development education.

In order for us to best match your interests and skills with our program opportunities, we would very much like to learn more about you. The information provided will only be used for our replying to you with suggestions on ways you could possibly participate in the initiative. It will not be shared with others outside IEEE Smart Village.

Please fill out the form below completely, feel free to attach your resume or cover letter, and then click the submit button.


    Click here for more details on all IEEE SV committees

    Temporary - Keep me in mind for a small, one-time project, event, or programMonthly - Less than 5 hours per month for multiple projects and meetingsPart Time - Less than 5 hours per week in support of projects and operationsDeveloper - Between 5 and 10 hours per week, actively developing technology or trainingAdvisor - Between 5 and 10 hours per week assisting partners via online meetingLeadership - Over 10 hours per week as a chair of a working group or sub-committee


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