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Posted On: 06.22.2020

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An applications period is open for new entrepreneurs to be sponsored to participate in the 2020 Power Africa Conference. The IEEE Smart Village (ISV) New Talents Program supports talented individuals, who aspire to become Smart Village Entrepreneurs and Developers working to provide electricity in the most vulnerable communities in the world. ISV provides leadership opportunities and financial support to participate in the IEEE Power Africa 2020 (PAC 2020) Virtual Conference and Smart Village workshops – August 24th to 29th, 2020.

At the PAC2020 event, you will meet members of the ISV leadership and in-country developers that can guide you to become a Smart Village Energy Entrepreneur. At the workshop, you will network with experienced ISV project managers that are building and operating successful and sustainable micro-utility business across Africa and India.

Be a leader for a new generation!
The ISV program is built to help you become a leader.

The ideal candidate:

  1. Understands and embraces ISV’s three pillars: Energy, Education and Enterprise.
  2. Demonstrates startup experience with success.
  3. Builds respectful relationships with communities and treats them as working partners.
  4. Establishes respectful relationships with authorities at the village, state and national levels.
  5. Creates an excellent management team with business, technology, and education components.
  6. Develops a clear vision of a business plan capable of reaching at least a million people in five years.
  7. Foresees the ability to attract investment capital for growth after a successful pilot.
  8. Envisions an ownership plan that includes and incentivizes community members as business partners.
  9. Willing to collaborate with holistic partners in addressing other critical needs.
  10. Passionately dedicates themselves to tackle the daunting challenges along the way.

The IEEE Smart Village New Talents Program is about developing leadership, community involvement and global connections.

This is a highly competitive grant. Only a few scholarships will be granted with a maximum of $1,500 per individual. Smart Village may award less than $1,500 as solely determined by Smart Village based on the merits of the application and perceived need. Smart Village funding will not totally cover all expenses as outlined above. Award recipients must cover a portion of expenses from their own resources. Scholarship funds will be paid to award winners on a reimbursement basis subsequent to the conference upon submission of expense reports with documented receipts.
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