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Expanding electricity access to one of the most remote villages in Kwara state, Nigeria – this project provides the local population of Lajolo village with access to clean renewable electricity and the basic services such energy provides. By targeting IEEE Smart Village’s three strategic pillars: energy access, education and entrepreneurship, this project directly supports multiple United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). The solar microgrid project is directed by Shaybis Nigeria Ltd (SNL) with technical and financial support from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Smart Village (ISV).


The village of Lajolo is located in Marafa Ward of Kwara State, Nigeria. The existing energy needs in Lajolo are supplied by diesel generators and battery powered rechargeable lamps. This existing method burdens the villagers with substantial daily expenses and prohibits sustainable growth. This project targets marginalized communities living in remote areas of this region.

Agriculture is the primary economic activity of Lajolo village. Because of the fertile land in Lajolo, farmers from nearby villages and hamlets seasonally migrate to Lajolo to grow their crop. Two manual pumps serve the village and surrounding communities. the unconnected populations in Kwara over the next 10 years. This off-grid population totals an estimated 1,000,000 people. The success of this pilot project will demonstrate to the local government, banks and investors the financial and technical viability of Microgrids in remote areas of Kwara State. With the knowledge, experiences and support acquired through this pilot project, SNL will have the capability to electrify a significant portion of Kwara’s unconnected population. Furthermore, ISV’s incubation of the Lajolo pilot will demonstrate the positive return on investment of self-sustaining Micro-Utilities in the region, providing assurance to the major funders that are critical to SNL’s expansion.


The local team is led by Tunde Salihu, a chartered Nigerian engineer with thirty years’ experience. Salihu has been an active member of IEEE Nigeria since 2000 and served as the Chair of IEEE Nigeria from 2006-2011 and currently serves as Representative for IEEE PES Africa. He has also served as an Examiner on the Nigeria Society of Engineers from 2005 – present. In 2015 Salihu moved back to his home state of Kwara to set up microgrids in communities without access to electricity. His company, SNL, has set up stand-alone solar power systems for homes and offices throughout the region. He notes that this pilot project is an important step in this next phase of his life where he strives to have a substantial positive impact on his local community.


The 8.5kW solar microgrid will have an immediate impact benefiting the 500 residents of Lajolo village, and will have positive spillover effects benefiting an additional 2,000 residents in surrounding hamlets and villages. The Microgrid will provide power for the 29 households in Lajolo, street lighting throughout the community, and power and light for the local primary school.

Additional market-center businesses in Lajolo will utilize the electricity for the community rice mill, cold storage, and irrigation pumps. The provision of reliable electricity will allow the implementation of an evening adult literacy program as well as the establishment of a farming coop in the local school. Existing mobile phone network coverage penetrates Lajolo. Access to electricity will allow villagers to charge and utilize their mobile phones on a regular basis.

All efforts to design, construct, maintain and operate the Microgrid are led by Salihu and his local team. Oversight from ISV ensures the project’s technical feasibility and provides a transfer of knowledge. Ongoing mentorship by IEEE member-volunteers assures future operational stability. In the coming years, SNL is developing plans to manufacture LED lightbulbs and other low power – high efficiency products in Kwara. This will add jobs and promote sustainable growth in the region. With the experience gained in this pilot project, SNL will take the initial step toward their long-term vision to Light up Kwara..


The project is currently under construction; commissioning is expected December, 2017. Progress on the project is being monitored throughout construction. Once the Microgrid is operational, remote monitoring of its technical performance will use a telemetry-enabled Schneider Electric inverter.

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Specifications Details
Project Locations Lajolo village, Marafa Ward, Kwara State, Nigeria
GPS Latitude: 8.66326173, Longitude: 4.94450628
Power Generation Capacity 8.5kW Solar
Number of Beneficiaries 500 direct, 2,000 indirect
Project Start September, 2017
Year Started
Portable Battery Kit, SunBlazer II, PhotoVoltaic Systems, Solar Panel Control Systems, Irrigation Systems
Remote villages in Kwara state, Nigeria