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Additional Solar Kiosks Highlights Africa Development Promises’ Success.

Powered from a solar micro-grid, a kiosk becomes the retail home of power-based services such as battery charging, home lighting system sales and rentals, and rental of battery-powered tools (e.g., solar dryers, pumps). With power available for computers, the kiosk also serves as a base for training and instruction – ISV’s education pillar. Computer training at the kiosk teaches Microsoft Excel as the basis to track and run a good portion of the cooperatives’ business, Microsoft Word, and use of the Internet. The kiosk also prove to be a community gathering point, especially with the sale of cold drinks and small grocery items and sundries.

Photo: A container-based kiosk. You will note that a rainwater catchment system is in place. Solar panels atop the flat portion of the roof of each kiosk (not visible in the picture) generate approximately 2 KWp. This amount is sufficient to power at least 4 computers, a multi-function printer, a TV, refrigerator, lighting and security, provide charging, and, potentially, power Internet access. In other words – enough power to run the business.

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