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In Uttar Pradesh, the combination of inadequate infrastructure, insufficient healthcare, and unreliable energy has led it to be one of India’s poorest regions. The majority of villages also suffer from limited access to clean water and rely on shallow water wells contaminated with arsenic and other pollutants. The systematic lack of quality education has further compounded the issues facing the region.

United for Hope and Shatki Empowerment Solutions are improving access to energy, water, sanitation, education, and entrepreneurial opportunities in eastern UP with a set of empowerment projects starting in 10 villages. The program has already brought electricity, water, sanitation, and a series of school improvement initiatives to the majority of the communities with the support of IEEE Smart Village.

In 2018, the ISV Education Committee awarded United for Hope $50,000 USD with the support of IEEE Power & Energy Society to expand numerous education and training programs targeting at-risk children and young women. English, computer, and social skills classes are offered as after-school programs designed to improve the children’s learning abilities. Vocational training programs are also provided for youth and especially young women in IT, artisan crafts, business skills, finance, writing, public speaking, and entrepreneurship.


Population to be reached 10 communities of 2500 people each
Desires expressed by local community Improved education, high-paying jobs, access to safe water & sanitation, reliable electricity
Number of schools 5 primary, 1 secondary
Numbers of students per school 100
Immediate needs of schools Electricity, ICT classes, textbooks, water, sanitation, internet access, vocational training, STEM resources
Adult literacy rate Men: 70% | Women: 55%
Jobs to be created Tourism & services, IT outsourcing, healthcare, social enterprises
Technologies & education provided After-school education programs in English, digital literacy, social skills; young women’s vocational training; IT skills & English for youths and adults; women’s empowerment & hygiene